I chose Lamborghini to write about just because Arizona's exotic cars are all on one lot, even though the Arizona tab had all the different brands. This dealership was by far the best dealership I've ever been to. I attended goldRush Rally 5 last June and this dealership actually competed with that just by the sheer number of rare cars there. I actually went back 3 times over a 2 day period, it was the exciting. One of the best things about this dealership is that about 75-80 % of the cars are outside, very appealing factor to car spotters/photographers as well as a gigantic choice of super cars to choose from. The staff was also very friendly, as you would expect at most exotic car dealerships. They take the time to meet younger car enthusiasts and talk to them about cars. I also got to meet a few owners out of the many that showed up, since this super car complex is the go to place for midwest and west coast buyers alike. One owner came with a Rolls Royce Phantom and allowed me to take photos as well as sit inside and play around with the unique settings on the car. Another cool thing about this dealership is that there were so many cars and not enough space, that you could look in alleyways or tight spaces and almost always find a new car away from the dealership and out of sight. For example, I remember walking around in between dealerships and in the very back was a 2013 Lamborghini Performante just collecting dust, as well as a Maybach 57s. Another good thing about there not being much space was that you could go through the back of the dealerships and find a whole new set of cars, still just as great as the ones in the front and showrooms but no place to put them. Unfortunately, there wasn't a Bugatti Veyron when I went, they were receiving a Vitesse a week later, however the coolest car there was a 50th Anneversario Aventador that Roger Penske (yes, the truck moving company founder) had bought at a charity auction for $1,000,000. Brilliant car that was the only car roped off. Anyways, I could talk about this dealership for hours, thats how much I love it. If you happen to be in Arizona, you HAVE to stop off here. Its less than an hour from the Sky Harbor airport and even less from Arizona State University, tell your parents its a college tour, then casually stop off at the complex. Just type in Lamborghini Scottsdale in your smartphone and it should take you straight there. Great dealership, highly recommended by me!