I visited Prestige a couple days ago and it was an overall good experience, however I found a couple of issues. The staff weren't very friendly to me. I got more of a "strictly business" vibe. I mean the amount of cars they had there was absolutely astonishing, however they did not have all of the cars that were online on site when I was there. I was disappointed when I couldn't find the Koenigsegg and the staff didn't even know where it was. Along with the absence of the Koenigsegg, a McLaren 12c, BMW M6, Aventador, and many other cars were not there. I hardly noticed the absence of these cars when I was there because there were so many other cars of interest. I'd have to say that my favorite car that I saw was the Ferrari Enzo, valued at 2million dollars. Overall, it was a good experience, I just wish the staff was more friendly and all the cars were viewable. I'd go back and I'd recommend the place. ;